Compac Technological Quartz

It combines natural elegance and resistance. It is more solid than natural stone and is available in a wide variety of colours to fit any style of kitchen, bathroom and outdoor.

It is made from a mixture of pure quartz, pigments and resins, it can preserve the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the original rock, resulting in an ideal product for the sites that require high levels of resistance to abrasion and scratches.


Advantages: The most advanced technology of COMPAC managed to create a product of exceptional resistance and great beauty, which far exceeds the benefits from the natural quartz.


Compac Technological Marble

It provides surfaces of exceptional beauty and resistance, ideal for the use in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Made from a blend of recycled calcareous mineral, pigments and resins. The new surfaces of  TECHNOLOGICAL MARBLE bring together the virtues and beauty of natural stone with the excellent technical features.

A very versatile material with a wide variety of colours, shapes and applications possible to satisfy the market needs for over 30 years.

Advantages: The surfaces of COMPAC TECHNOLOGICAL MARBLE are able to retain all the beauty and the decorative possibilities of natural stone joining excellent technical characteristics that make their use much more versatile.


Technological Marble for Ventilated Facades

The SPECIAL TECHNOLOGICAL MARBLE FOR VENTILATED FACADES is an advanced product consisting of 95% mineral varieties of natural origin (mainly marbles, limestones and dolomites) to which are added pigments, resins and other binder products of high-quality through an advanced technology, called engineered stone based on vibro-compression  in vacuum, to obtain a product that enhances the natural stone retaining its essence and substantially improving its functional and decorative possibilities.

Advantages: The production process allows a wide variety of different designs with a high aesthetic component, thanks to which they can create unique designs based on the taste and needs of the end user.